2013 conference programme

2013 conference programme (revised)

Challenges and Critiques of the EU Internal Security Strategy:

Rights, power and security

Policing and European Studies

UACES crn Policing and European Studies

Conference Friday 17th May 2013

@ the University of Abertay Dundee

09:00 9:30 Arrival and Check-in Tea/ Coffee (1004/5 Old College)
9.30 10.45 Research Session 1: Rights

Location: 1004/5 Old College

Chair: Aaron Winter

1. Maria O’Neill:

A first mapping of the potential impact of the justice developments on the Area of Freedom Security and Justice

2. Dimitris Skleparis: (via skype)

The practices and rationalities of the securitisation of migration and asylum in Greece

10.44 11.15

Tea/Coffee (1004 Old College)

11.15 12:30

Research Session 2: Governance of Security

Location: 1004/5 Old College

Chair: Roderick Lonie

1. Raphael Bossong:

The European Programme for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures – an impossible challenge for EU security governance?

2. András Huszár:

The fight against EU environmental crime post the Lisbon Treaty

12.30 13.30

Lunch (1004 Old College)

13.30 15.00 Research Session 3: Data

Location: 1004/5 Old College

Chair: Keith Sturrock  

1. Fiona Grant:

Rights and personal data, and the free movement of such data for security purposes

2.  Mo Egan:

Seeing is believing: police practitioners as an epistemic community

15.00 15.30

Tea/Coffee (1004 Old College)

15.30 17.00

Research Session 4: Secrecy

Location: 1004/5 Old College

Chair: Anne Wilson

1. Matthias Leese

Algorithmic risk profiling: on the increasing invisibility of security

2. Cristina Blasi Casagran

Making sense of the EU internal measures for exchanging information on criminal matters

Presentations: 20 minutes each.