Latest Research Output 2017

We are pleased to announce the latest research output of this network, an edited collection entitled,

O’Neill & Swinton: Challenges and Critiques of the EU Internal Security Strategy: Rights, Power and Security, Cambridge Scholars, 2017 has just been published.

Chapters include:

Chapter 1 O’Neill: Introduction and Overview, pages 1-18.

Chapter 2 O’Neill: A First Mapping of the Potential Impact of the Justice Developments on the Area of Freedom Security and Justice, pages 19-52.

Chapter 3 Bossong: Critical Infrastructure and Critical Information Infrastructure Protection:  The New Frontier of EU Internal Security? pages 53-81.

Chapter 4 Skelparis: Rationalising Human Rights Violations in Immigration Enforcement: The Case of Greek Security Professionals, pages 85-112.

Chapter 5 Dewar: The European Union and Cybersecurity: A Historiography of an Emerging Actor’s Response to a Global Security Concern, pages 113-145.

Chapter 6 Casagran: The New Europol Legal Framework: Implications for EU Exchanges of Information in the Filed of Law Enforcement, pages 149-169.

Chapter 7 Grant: Rights and Personal Data, and the Free Movement of Such Data for EU Security Purposes in the Context of Directive (EU) 2016/680 for the Purposes of Prevention, Investigation, Detection or Prosecution of Criminal Offences or the Execution of Criminal Penalties, pages 171-197.

Chapter 8 Egan: Seeing is Believing: Police Practitioners as an Epistemic Community, pages 119-223.

Chapter 9 Carpenter: Ship-Source Pollution as an Environmental Crime, pages 227-254.


Maria O’Neill, 23/8/17.