Latest research output 2016


We are pleased to announce the publication of the Special Edition: Policing in Times of Uncertainty in the European Journal of Policing Studies (EJPS), which was based on the Policing and European Studies conference held here at Abertay in 2015.


In this special edition, guest edited by Mo Egan, Anastasia Koulouri and Kenneth Swinton. Further details are available at  .

Antoinette Verhage, Lieslot Bischop, Dominique Boels & Wim Hardyns; Aims and Scope, p.3.

Mo Egan;  Introduction, p.4.

Anastasia Koulouri: Tackling Trafficking in Human Beings in a security integrated Europe, Addressing the challenges using Trafficking Schematics p.12.

Anika Ludwig, Derek Johnson; Migration and crime. A spatial analysis in a borderless Europe, p.40.

Saskia Hufnagel; EU Integrated and Re-Integrated Security The Position of the UK after the Opt-Out – or Brexit? p.64.

Maria O’Neill; The European Investigation Order, a new era in cross border law enforcement? p.87.

Artur Gruszczak; Establishing an EU law enforcement fusion centre, p.103.

Mo Egan; Policing intermediaries in the EU anti-money laundering framework. p. 125.

Francesca Galli, Celine Cocq; Data retention regime within the EU, Reinventing a common framework after the CJEU ruling? p.146.


Maria O’Neill.  14/10/16.