2015 conference programme

Policing in times of uncertainty: Challenges of Integrated Security

Policing and European Studies

UACES crn Policing and European Studies

Conference Friday 1st May 2015

@ the University of Abertay Dundee

09:00 9:30

Arrival and Check-in Tea/ Coffee (1005 Old College)

9.30 10.25

Research Session 1: Post-Lisbon

Location: 1006 Old College

Chair: Peter Wilson

1. Saskia Hufnagel

EU Integrated and Re-Integrated Security: the Position of the UK after the Opt-Out.

2. Maria O’Neill

The European Investigation Order, the next stage in cross border law enforcement.



Tea/Coffee (1005 Old College)

10.55 12:15

Research Session 2: Intelligence

Location: 1006 Old College

Chair: Fiona Grant

1. Francesca Galli and Celine Cocq

The use of data retention for the investigation and prosecution of serious crime. What next after the CJEU judgment in the Digital Rights case?

2. Mo Egan

Policing intermediaries in the EU anti-money laundering framework.

3. Vincent C. Figliomeni

Public opinion of immigrant crime in Italy and perception of public security.

12.15 13.15

Lunch (1005 Old College)

13.15 14.45

Research Session 3: A Borderless Europe

Location: 1006 Old College

Chair: Keith Sturrock

1. Anika Ludwig

Crime and migration in a borderless Europe.

2. Derek Johnson

Examining the spatial distribution of EU migrant criminal activity.

3. Artur Gruszczak

Establishing an EU law enforcement fusion centre. Prospects for criminal intelligence cooperation in the European Union.

14.45 15.15

Tea/Coffee (1005 Old College)

15.15 16.45

Research Session 4: Trafficking in Human Beings

Location: 1004 Old College

Chair: Jonathan Mendel

1. Anna Mara Rosińska

Filling the gaps in the system of combating human trafficking in Poland.

2. Julia Muraszkiewicz

The road to human trafficking: an analysis of geographical routes used by the perpetrators within Europe.

3. Anastasia Koulouri and Alex Avramenko

Global supply chains and Human Trafficking: an unequivocal problem.

15.15 16.45

Research Session 5: Counter-Terrorism

Location: 1006 Old College

Chair: William Graham

1. David Lowe

The threat by Islamic State and similar groupings to the European Union member states’ security:

Time to reconsider introducing the EU’s directive on the use of Passenger Name record data.

2. Rupali Jeswal

Existential danger to European civilization: An epidemic of radicalization.

3. Jose Maria Blanco and Jessica Cohen

Knowledge, the great challenge to deal with terrorism.

Presentations: 20 minutes each.