Welcome to the Abertay based research network “Policing and European Studies”.

The parameters of “policing” differ from one EU member state to another. In some it encompasses leading criminal investigations, in others it includes counter terrorism protection. Taking a wide definition of “policing” this research network will focus on the development of the cross border policing provisions which is increasingly being legislated for by the EU. Through a variety of opt in and opt out provisions the EU member states are engaging in a variable geometry approach to the EU policing provisions. The EFTA member sates are also highly involved in the EU policing provisions through their membership of the Schengen Convention 1990. In addition, EU international policing provisions have been developing apace, with highly developed relationships inter alia, with the USA. The above will be the focus of this research network.

New Book on Immigration

The Public Image of the Immigrant in Italy,  by Vincent C. Figliomeni has just been published. Further details are available here: http://www.authorhouse.co.uk/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?Book=701603